24 Sept 2020

Mxdwn reviews DEAFBRICK

They say:

The above was found proudly sported on the Roadburn website, alluding to not only the sheer waves of racket that both groups happily oblige in, but also the seeds of their collaboration to come. On Deafbrick, Brazilian acid-noise-punk trio Deafkids have found themselves joining arms with Petbrick, respectively made up of producer Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Death Pedals) and Iggor Cavalera, most notable as the founding drummer of Brazilian metal legends Sepultura.

Brazil finds itself not only being the home for a majority of the musicians involved in the record, but having its rich, percussion-driven style of music injected into the the sound, right off the bat, with the introductory track, “Primeval I.” Bookended by some heavy, fuzz-driven psychedelic chord swells, the ambient calm before the storm is soon interrupted by the blisteringly fast synched guitar and percussion on “Força Bruta,” which goes by way quicker than expected.

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