14 Sept 2020

In Phase interviews J. Zunz

They say:

Last month saw us cover J. Zunz’s rework of Pigs x7’s track Hell’s Teeth in our Track of the Day series, an incredible piece of work. 

This week we caught up with J. (Lorena) and discussed her songwriting process, love for analog gear, the importance of great working relationships in the creation process and more! 

Corey: So, I noticed that you currently live in Ensenada, Baja California, México. That seems like a world away from Rocket Recordings and Sonic Cathedral Recordings whom are obviously UK based. Compared to your experience with Captcha, do any issues arise from the distance and time zones, or is it actually quite easy to plan tour dates, flights, album promotion etc. in the digital age?

J. Zunz: There hasn’t been any issue at all from my side, both labels are super well organised, very professional and they have tons of experience. I just try not to disappear from them and to answer every email as soon as I can. I’m also very lucky that I have always had a booking agent in Europe and UK, so everything is easy and smooth. Prior every tour, we just have to sort out some details like the flights, merch printing, van rental etc.

Even with the distance factor and the extra expenses, I think it has been easier for us to tour Europe and the UK than the US. Let’s see how it goes with the new work visa in the UK.

Corey: I saw that you said you had been working on the album since last year. I’m wondering if this was whilst writing / touring with Lorelle Meets the Obsolete? If so, was it fairly easy to decide what songs were solo songs and what were band songs? I’m also interested in where you were writing and if that had any significant effect on the shape of the album?...

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