22 Sept 2020

Indie Rocks reviews J. Zunz album

They say:

If we were to look for the etymological definition of "hibiscus", we would find that of a small shrub -or flower-, coming from distant lands like India. Small manifestations of nature, diagrammed in the flora of an overwhelming polychrome. Ornaments from a Middle Eastern garden, inviting hummingbirds to drink their golden blood. However, the Mexican artist Lorena Quintanilla appropriates the word to give it a new meaning: exit, gloom and anxiety.

Hibiscus , the new LP of his solo project J. Zunz , collects the best (or worst) episodes of hundreds of dire nights of insomnia and relief, to translate them into a dense, dark electronic sound that, at first, causes repellency. Words are lacking, but they are not necessary. Music is the right channel through which the energy of that sadness reaches us in the same or better way than in soulless verses.

In retrospect, if his solo debut was "Silent", the new work is louder, more personal, and also, of course, even more experimental. It is the overwhelming example of what is called surrendering to creative need. In those spaces, there is no room for inhibition. Lorena does it completely naturally and with a more than acceptable quality....

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