4 Sept 2020

Fuzzy Sun and Raven Sings the Blues say some words about GÅS

They say:

Raven Sings The Blues:
An absolute shredder is handed down from Rocket Recordings today. The label has a knack for unearthing UK/EU heavies and GÅS fits in quite nicely with their stellar catalog. The Swedish band’s first single, “Epitaph” melds heavy fuzz, pounding at the heart with a slight lilt of English prog to it. Aesthetically they’re mashing a bit of Danish sludge rockers Moses with Sweden’s own Charlie & Esdor, though once those vocals kick in I’m getting some Wolf People nods as well. Those English psych-folk tones feel like they might be key here, as the band covers an old nugget, Philamore Lincoln’s “The North Wind Blew South” on the flip. It sets them apart from your average smoke shoveler. A huge debut single that begs to keep an eye on these guys. Get this on the table next to some Goat singles and that new hard hitter from Ball and you’re all set. Physical pre-orders are up tomorrow and the single lands Oct 30th.
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Fuzzy Sun
Now and then Rocket Recordings hits the perfect spot for me and they did exactly that with this Swedish band that I never heard of before. GÅS will release their 7″ on October 30 on Rocket Recordings. The track that is up for a listen is called ‘Epitaph’ and is gorgeous heavy psych with a vintage feel. A truly remarkable track with gorgeous vocals. Check it out now.
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