30 Sept 2020

Rocket Probes – September playlist

$hit & $hine – Devils Backbone
(Twisted second single from forthcoming album) 
$hit & $hine 

Paisiel – Unconscious Death Wishes
(38min+ of immersive krautjazz...it's incredible!)

GÅS – Epitaph
(There is definitely something in that Swedish water)

Holy Tongue – Holy Tongue
(More incredible magic from Valentina)
Holy Tongue

Holy Scum – Kill
Holy Scum

Moundabout – North Cairn
(Another month, another release by GNOD's Paddy Shine...and another release to fall into, lovely stuff)

Lafawndah – The Stillness
(Like Mkwaju Ensemble meets Jon Hassell and the original Predator soundtrack)

Créme de Hassan – Malesch
(A playlist regular... a fantastic track of wonderfulness)
Créme de Hassan

Ceresco Union – Ceresco Union
(New(ish) sounds from Manchester...thanks to Paddy for the heads-up)
Ceresco Union

White Manna – Arc
(New psyched jams...on Cardinal Fuzz)
White Manna

Lyubocha – RYYTMA
(Dark repetitions on Opal tapes)

Banshee – Caw
(A well trodden path, but this lot do it real good!!)

SAULT – Stop Dem
(Give the drummer some!)

Sri Aurobindo - My Peak Is Too High
(An old'ish classic)
Sri Aurobindo

Aura Noir – Bellingerent 'Till Death
(Norwegian Thrash – courtesy of Centrum)
Aura Noir 

Olivia Mutant John And Wrong Travolta – Let's Get Lhysicap
(New sounds of Avon)
Olivia Mutant John And Wrong Travolta

Warlock – Misa Negra
(Psych rock from mid 70's Spain)

Miko & Mubare - Komoma Ya­​-​Ya​-​­Ya
(80's avant pop repetitions – bit of a Normil Hawaiians vibe)
Miko & Mubare

Jesse Draxler – Reining Cement
(Some great explorations in noise on this compilation)
Jesse Draxler

The Monochrome Set - Viva Death Row
(Twisted rhythms)
The Monochrome Set

Nova Express – Topic
(Cheers to Cardinal Fuzz for turning our ears on to this great slab of psyched repetition...features a one time member of The Liberation)
Nova Express

Luke Abbott – Earthship
(Nice Fripp/Eno'esque sounds)
Luke Abbott

Plastic Face – European Domestic Shorthair
(Droning excursions on Hominid)
Plastic Face

Sunn Trio – Electric Esoterica
(Eclectic sounds)
Sunn Trio

Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full
Eric B. & Rakim

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