30 Sept 2020

Introducing Pharaoh Overlord '6'

We are extremely excited to finally share with you the news that Rocket are releasing the next Pharaoh Overlord album. 

 The Finish bands new album '6' sounds like nothing Rocket has released before – hence our ecstatic enthusiasm for this incredible album. It is released on 13th November but you can hear the first single to be revealed, the track 'Without Song All Will Perish' via the link below: 

Without Song All Will Perish 

'6' by Pharaoh Overlord is a cataclysmic clash with bewitching results. The band’s current duo of Tomi Leppänen and Jussi Lehtisalo first channelled their love of krautrock-damaged monomania into synth-driven motorik soundscapes on 2019’s ‘5’ yet this new exploration is a step way beyond, into a chilly and captivating electronic panorama. Beholden to the melodies and textures of Kraftwerk yet also the cinematic austerity of EBM and the effervescent pulse of classic Italo-disco, it’s further abetted by fierce and corrosive vocals from longtime collaborator and Sumac/Isis/Old Man Gloom seer Aaron Turner, which stand atop these futuristic serenades not unlike the fevered delivery of a dystopian hellfire preacher. 

Like a brightly underlit disco dancefloor flashing out a warning of danger, the alchemical force of '6' is equal parts hedonistic rapture and dark revelation. 

'6' is being released on CD and three different vinyl formats. There's the Ltd 'Diamondback' vinyl edition exclusively via the Rocket shop which can be preordered from the link below on Friday 2nd October, as part of Bandcamp Friday. There are also two other versions available in shops, the ltd 'Viper' and 'Snakebite' editions, these two are available via your local record shops: 

The pre-order will go live here on Friday: Bandcamp