21 Sept 2020

Metalstorm reviews DEAFBRICK

They say:

It was only a matter of time before Deafkids collaborated with at least one Cavalera.

It isn't Max Cavalera as much as I wish he would eventually make his way on a Deafkids record. Instead we get the second best Cavalera in form of his brother, Igor. He is mostly known for having been the drummer of Sepultura, and later of Cavalera Conspiracy, but something told me that he is a bit more versatile than just being a metal drummer when I found out that he drummed on the latest Ladytron record. Already being familiar with Deafkids and knowing that they would collaborate with a band called Petbrick, I had a similar moment finding out that Igor Cavalera was a member of that band as well. Now I am not yet afraid that he will start popping up doing drums in a bunch of projects I come across the same way Mike Portnoy does, but it was still a bit surprising. Regardless, Petbrick is a duo of him and Wayne Adams, who seems to be the one member most involved in noise rock projects, none of which I'm familiar with yet. Deafkids, you should know them by now.

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