21 Sept 2020

Sounds From The Darkside reviews Kooba Tercu

They say:

Are you ready for the modern age in which hypersheep will be our foremost enemies? No? Well, you better read on anyway because Kooba Tercu latest is not to be missed. 

Although members of Kooba Tercu partly come from London, the band is mainly seen as a collective that hails from Greece. Kooba Tercu sprouted from the mind of the Athens-based Johnny Tercu a decade ago. In a way he created a sanctuary for musicians who are busy with other music endeavors but every now and then come together in Kooba Tercu to jam together various forms of kraut, stoner, African rhythms, noise and psych. These jams are fueled by the difficult Greek social-economic issues and thus are known for their viciousness but also hold hope for the future. On their third record, Proto Tekno, the band looks to the future by addressing the struggles between culture and nature, underdevelopment and technology, opposition and connectedness. This philosophical approach is nicely visualized on the album cover. Still for us it’s mainly the music that counts so let’s check what Proto Tekno’s 8 tracks sonically has to offer...

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