31 Aug 2020

Rocket Probes – August 2020 playlist

Shit & Shine – Hillbilly Moonshine
(Certified banger)

Deafkids & Petbrick – Swaet-Drenched Wreck
(2nd single of genre destroyed chaos)

Various – Rocket Recordings Remixes
(Bit of a good listen this if we don't say so ourselves) 

Paddy Shine - The Criac in the cosmic egg
(New solo album from GNOD man)
Paddy Shine

Sarine – Raízes Aéreas
(Solo album by Deafkids stickman)

Metal Preyers – Metal Preyers
(More magic on Nyege Nyege)

Nico – Into the arena
(80s repetition from Nico's great last album)

Oranssi Pazuzu - Saturaatio
(Psyched Death)

Kevin Ayres – Lady Rachel
(A classic that keeps on giving)

Raikes Parade - Take A Nibble
(New track from he wizard behind GNOD's mighty sound)

PAN SONIC - Fyokki Halko
(The machines are taking over..thanks to Mr Bourne for this)

Shit and Shine – Goat Yelling Like A Man
(Like buses)

Joe McPhee – Live in Zurich (Remixed by Waclaw Zimpel)
(Ever evolving jazz-drone repetitions)

T. Rex – Chariot Choogle
(Great fuzzed solo)

Camberwell Now – Ghost Trade
(This great album continues to have lots of plays, one for you Can fans)

NNMM – Éons
(GOD'like sounds from Belgium)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Say A Little Prayer
(Freak out...thanks to Centrum for sharing this!)

Thee Oh Sees – The Daily Heavy
(Great track from a great album)

Vladislav Delay – 500 Push-up
(Psyched dub weirdness...thanks to Little Dirty for bringing it into our world)
Vladislav Delay

Liquid Liquid – Scraper
(The drum sound!)
Liquid Liquid

Craven Faults – Slack Sley & Temple (Live Works)
(Synthscapes with a bit of a nod to Och in the beginning)

Tangerine Dream – Ultima Thule Part 1
(Early psych rock single before the synths lead)

Don Cherry – Moving Pictures for the Ear
(Tribal repetitions)

The Heads - Reverberations Volume 2
(Live in '01)

Cha Cha Guitri – Art Negre
(Kraftwer'esque sounds from 81' France)

Victor Brady - Brown Rain
(Steel drum psych...reminded of this classic by Cherrystones)

Fåntratt – Frisk Kuling
(Soundtracked the mood of this last week)

Tomaga – Memory In Vivo Exposure Parts 1&2
(Still incredibly shocked and saddened by the news of Tom's passing...a beautiful and extremely talented human being who has left us way, way to early!!)

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