21 Aug 2020

Read BPM 'track-by-track guide' to J. Zunz album Hibiscus

They say:

Mexican artist Lorena Quintanilla creates music under the name J. Zunz, and today she has released her new album Hibiscus through Rocket Recordings. The eight-track record is a throbbing missive, sonically involving and packed with emotion.

Quintanalla has taken the time to tell us about each track on Hibiscus, explaining the background that went into the creation of these engrossing pieces.

1. “Y”

This track talks about my experience growing up as a woman in México.  I’m telling all the tactics I had to develop in order to be safe out there. Men made very clear to me since I was very young that the streets didn’t belong to me, and that it was out of question to take a walk alone at night if I wanted to. My body was theirs. Those were the first warnings I had.  The others came later; the harassment at work places, at school, at music venues, some male sound engineers, some male musicians, the outdated male critics, the structure, the laws, and so on and so on. It is a never ending list and as I keep going more horrific details reveal. Nonetheless, I’ve been very lucky somehow, but many women in México are not. Sadly the numbers of feminicides are going up every year...

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