11 Aug 2020

Backseat Mafia reviews $hit & $hine's Hillbilly Moonshine

They say:

WHEN the going gets tough …

You know the rest. A summer that’s bust more than a few consciousnesses has proved the right conditions for Austin, Texas’s Craig Clouse, who records fractured drone-psych with a dancefloor edge as $hit & $hine, to lay down deep frazzled psych groove, which we can lose ourselves in come October 9th in the shape of his second album of the year, Malibu Liquor Store.

And you can drink deep from his firewater in the shape of the video for teaser track “Hillbilly Moonshine”, at the end of this piece. 

The track crawls itself into being from the sonic slime and shapes into a phasing, deep psych pulse, with beaucoup de wow and flutter, winding and eerie psych guitars plucked from the ether, distorted curses, ringing telephones …

And that video, grainy found footage solarised into acid colours, helps shift you off balance and deep into $hit & $hine’s psychoactive world where Suicide played at dawn at a rave.

$hit & $hine says that he “ … cares not for your definitions of psych or dance music, and he’s never more comfortable than when transcending and annihilating both generic headspaces...

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