25 Aug 2020

Marvin.com interviews J.Zunz about Hibiscus

They say:

Lorena Quintanilla, is one of the most interesting music that the national subsoil keeps, being half of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete , has managed to combine with Alberto González, her partner in the band and life, a catalog as diverse as it is solid and forceful, becoming a band with a certain cult in specialized niches.

However, since 2015 Quintanilla has undertaken a different one than his band. Under the pseudonym J. Zunz , he has embarked on a lonely search for new sounds outside of the LMTO repertoire , a project far removed from rock and its natural stigmas. That same search led her to experiment with more ethereal and contemplative sound, accompanied by synthesis and rhythmic patterns that lead the listener into a random trance. 

In his first work, entitled Silent , Zunz gave a sample of the above; a display outside of sonic ties, moving away from riffs and guitars, presenting sounds much more enveloping in the sound experience. But now with his new material Hibiscus , under the London label Rocket Recording , said sensory experience that is wrapped in darker sensations than his previous work, it seems that Quintanilla takes influence from his context to submit to dense and cyclical atmospheres that, comprise a overwhelming and hard drive....

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