24 Aug 2020

Backseat Mafia interviews J. Zunz

They say:

Lorelle The Obsolete‘s Lorena Quintanilla just released her second album as J. Zunz: Hibiscus. The record exhibits an even more electronic maelstrom of captivating, ethereal sound than previous projects. Lorena discusses this transition here, as well as the origins of Hibiscus, her influences, and songwriting in general.

Hi Lorena, I really enjoyed the album, thank you for taking the time to do this.

Thanks to you! I enjoyed answering!

You say that the album was written “during sleepless nights filled with overwhelming thoughts and feelings”. This impression comes across immediately, the plethora of ideas and song-writing elements are handled masterfully, not entirely overwhelming but extremely powerful. Was it ever difficult to balance these “thoughts and feelings”, or was it easier being so charged with ideas?

Going into the studio every day to work on these songs wasn’t difficult at all, on the contrary it was a very joyful experience. I didn’t have any control over external situations but I did have control inside the studio. It was very empowering to know exactly what I wanted and what I was doing. Almost like becoming someone else. The difficult part was the physical exhaustion caused by the insomnia but apart from that all the tornado of emotions was happening during the nights or outside the studio.

I don’t recall having this clarity prior to any recording process before. Maybe because this album had been cooking inside of me for a while.

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