13 Aug 2020

The Prog Aspect reviews J.Zunz album Hibiscus

They say:

Last year’s De Facto was the fifth release by Mexican duo, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, the third of their albums to be released internationally, and the first that I heard. It grabbed me immediately, from its jarring and bruising opener. The intriguing mix of dream pop gone wrong and electronica providing a psychedelic nightmare soundscape, with every beautiful and serene moment being met with something darker and more threatening, had me hooked. The duo released an EP earlier this year, which is just as enthralling. Also this year, Lorena Quintanilla (Lorelle) has released a second solo album as J. Zunz, and it has quite a different feel to the 2017 debut.

Actually, I’ll admit I was unaware that there had been an earlier J. Zunz album, until I visited the Bandcamp page. I listened to that earlier album (Silente) before moving on to this new release, Hibiscus. In every way, Hibiscus is a more impressive album than its predecessor. Although Quintanilla’s idea for J. Zunz to be stripped right back, Silente felt too stripped back for me. Even though you could argue that Hibiscus is still stripped back, compared with Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, is is far more lush and full than Silente. It’s somewhat odd, perhaps, to describe such almost ambient and quite minimalist music as having fullness of sound, but it’s also undeniably true...

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