13 Aug 2020

Hunky Rabbit interviews J. Zunz

They say:

J. Zunz is an experimental minimalist electronic project by Lorena Quintanilla who is also a member of the psychedelic band Lorelle Meets The Obsolete originally from Guadalajara .

The project began in 2017 releasing their first album " Silente" that same year, which you definitely have to listen to, its sound is very different from anything else that has been perceived, with that unique mix of psychedelia, flashes of shoegaze and electronics. , in addition to very creative and interesting voices, managing to create a somewhat pleasant album for the most demanding ears.

This year she surprised us with a new album called “Hibiscus” and we had the pleasure of her telling us about this new release, which she describes as an ethereal sound, and she also tells us about the process she had to go through. To reach this beautiful result, here we share a short interview with you and we leave you some of her songs so that you can get to know her better...

Lorena, we really appreciate your time and sharing with us and our audience more about you, tell us, how did you manage to make that transition from Silente to Hibiscus? What did you seek to change in the sound, composition or something else of the environment to create this new music?

“The transition from one album to another goes in parallel with my internal processes as I keep my music very close to me. During the four years between the two recordings, many transformations took place. For me it feels a bit almost like both albums came from two different people. " ...

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