11 Aug 2020

Listen to Rocket mix of new music via Lovers and Lollypops Club

The great Portuguese label Lovers And Lollypops invited us to do a 1 hour mix of Rocket music for their subscribers club...as it was only and hour we decided to focus on mainly new music by new bands.

You can subscribe to their club and then listen to the mix here: Lovers and Lollypops

This is what L&L say about the mix:

From The Heads to Oneida, from Ufomammut to Gnod, from Teeth of the Sea to Goat, there are several layers of identity from the Rocket Recordings catalog. Founded in 1998, the publisher has been assuming itself as a space of discovery and encountering the most varied trends of psychedelic rock, a kind of creator force on a free wheel in a musical world that, each time, is fixed more in the safe value.