28 Aug 2020

Anthroprophh's 'Toilet Circuit EP' – our 200th release is released today

Anthroprophh's ‘Toilet Circuit EP’ which is released today is the band's first release since their mammoth double album 'Omegaville' which was released to high acclaim in 2018. 

The three tracks that make up this EP follow on perfectly from the dense and psychedelic sounds of Omegaville – a feverish tirade of maximalism. Anthroprophh manage to find equal space for everything-on-11 riffage of The Stooges, krautrock repetitions, Butthole Surfers-esque bedlam, and surreal British humour.

This 7" is also Rocket's 200th release which is apt as Anthroprophh's Paul Allen and Gareth Turner also played on the labels first release, the split single with The Heads and Lillydamwhite. 

Unfortunately the 7" sold out pretty quick, but if you were not one of the lucky ones, you can listen to it in full here: Bandcamp