3 Aug 2020

Fragmented Flanuer reviews Autotelia

Although recorded before the Covid lockdown this release seems to have somehow caught the current zeitgeist just right, the album comprising a series of sonic journeys that happened in relative isolation from the artists’ involved own audial hinterland… an island of sound that sets it apart from what they have achieved in the past. Although those familiar with the work of the duo here would probably say that this was more part of an archipelago.

Autotelia is comprised of The Oscillation’s Demian Castellanos and Tomaga’s Tom Relleen, who decided to get together to see what sort of audio paths they could wander down. As Relleen suggests: “This project was started as an opportunity to play more freely, with less of the process, consideration and production we both associated with our main projects”.

With the idea of a sonic island in my head while listening to this album reminded me of when I spent some time on the isle of Iona off the West Coast of Mull, itself off the West Coast of Scotland. This small (less than 10km2) outcrop of land provided me with genuine sense of isolation as I walked along it deserted beaches and barren trails… the changeable weather meant that you were never far from a storm… 

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