14 Mar 2018

The Quietus reviews Rocket Twenty

They say:

Cosmic Fantastic: Rocket Recordings Twenty Weekend Reviewed 
In celebration of their 20th birthday, the mighty Rocket Recordings hosted Rocket Twenty - a three-day event at The Garage in Islington with Julie’s Haircut, Mamuthones, Gnod and more. Joseph Mumford reports.

For two decades now, Rocket Recordings have been consistently excellent purveyors of whacked-out psychedelia, krautrock, prog, post-punk: a hallmark of weirdo record collections everywhere. To celebrate their vicennial, the label hosted a three-day event at The Garage in Islington featuring most of their fantastic roster. All weekend the venue burst at the seams with Rocket enthusiasts, all delighting in the shared psychedelic experience.

An early highlight comes on Friday night with Italian experimental rockers Julie’s Haircut, who deal in jazzy krautrock. Midway through a lengthy motorik jam, a power cut silences them all apart from the rhythm section - who soldier on unperturbed. Seizing the moment, frontman Luca Giovanardi yells: “Fuck Brexit! We want to be here with you!” A little hammy, perhaps, but the roars of support from the audience drive home the fact that Rocket Recordings is a label with a global perspective and that this weekend is testament to that, with bands from all corners of Europe joining the party...

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(Photo of Housewives by Al Overdrive)