15 Mar 2018

Backseat Mafia reviews Day 3 of Rocket Twenty

They say:

Day Three of the Rocket 20 dawns and the weekenders are looking (and feeling) a little jaded, but the prospect of a third day with a darker, heavier side holds much appeal.

Opening are Bonnacons of Doom, a collective of musicians based out of Liverpool who last week announced their debut album with be out on Rocket in May. Their performances are theatrical to say the least; clad in black robes with silver disc masks reflecting the audience back at them. Musically they are complex, elements competing for attention throughout, yet somehow they manage to make this not sound chaotic. By far the stand out track from the set is latest single ‘Solus’ with its haunting vocal melodies and eerie countenance.

Upstairs the first offering of the evening is Ayn Sǿf, the solo project of Gnod’s Paddy Shine. He is joined tonight by two fellow musicians, one of which remains anonymous shrouded in a cloak. This project showcases a more subdued side to Shine, with the beauty remaining in the detail. The tantric qualities evoke a trance like state from the listeners and it is a perfect experimental showcase of talent that not many would know to experience otherwise...

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(Photo of GNOD by Al Overdrive)