16 Mar 2018

Listen to exclusive DJ mix for 'Beat Juice' by MIEN

MIEN were asked by the Beat Juice to create a special DJ mix....so they did!!

Go and listen to it now, exclusively at: Beat Juice

MNMX001 tracklisting:
01. [intro]
02. Oleo Strut – Marc Barreca
03. The Clock – Ruth White
04. La Sinistre – Eurythmics
05. James – Cluster
06. A-Train – The Flying Lizards
07. Tchi Tchi Vox – Vox Populi!
08. Heptapod B – Jóhann Jóhannsson
09. Appears (Mini Verberum) – Botany
10. The Harbinger of Spring – Children of Alice
11. There’s Gonna Be a Storm – The Left Banke
12. Signal – Phew
13. Solomon’s Ring – The Black Lucifer
14. Love Without Sound – White Noise
15. Improvisation 2 – Al Lover
16. Black Habit ($hit and $hine remix) – MIEN
17. White Sands – Thor and Friends
18. Kreen Akrore – Paul McCartney
19. In the Red – Jenny Hval
20. Kalyani – Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies
21. Golden Hair – Syd Barrett
22. Swirling Sphere – Tony, Caro & John
23. Treatment – The Future and The Human League
24. Future Days – Can
25. Cloud Mountain – Tom Furse
26. Fire Breath – Joanna Brouk
27. Silberland – Riechmann
28. By This River – Brian Eno
John-Mark from MIEN said this about the MNMX001 mix:
“I grew up feeling mildly obsessed with 12” extended remixes and synth pop, which are definite influences on what I bring to MIEN. I wanted to blend these elements with other inspirations that formed our sound including industrial, psychedelia, musique concrete and krautrock. The original idea was to make something a little seedy and raw, something you’ll hear plenty of on our album.”

MIEN's debut album can be preordered on Ltd vinyl here: Bandcamp

Listen to their latest single Earth Moon here: Spotify