22 Mar 2018

Mamuthones on Italian Radio - 5 bands inspired by Talking Heads

Mamuthones feature on Italian National Radio RAI 3 with the station talking about new David Byrne album and 5 bands influenced by Talking Heads.

In his new album, American Utopia, David Byrne is reunited with his comrade Brain Eno - producer of My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, Fear of Music and Remain in Light. At times the sound texture of those pieces from the late 70s: the Fela Kuti style rhythms, the Miles Davis collages, the inflections of the American television recruits, the caricature that Byrne made of the "Average American". The Station looked for 5 bands that in the 40 years have been influenced by Talking Heads and by their neurotic, metropolitan, mestizo mood.

RAI Radio