26 Mar 2018

Backseat Mafia reviews Anthroprophh - OMEGAVILLE

In their 20-year history, Rocket Recordings have orbited between twin planets; Fuzz and Wah and fewer guitarists have pioneered this more than Paul Allen, who not only appeared on the very first Rocket 7” with The Heads, but who as the front of Anthroprophh leads the forefront of exploration into the garage rock, filth laden frontiers.

OMEGAVILLE is the third release for the band on Rocket, set for release on 30th March from the power trio. Allen peddles his art alongside bassist Gareth Turner and drummer Jesse Webb.

We open with ‘2029’ which wastes no time in displaying its traditional, heavy rock roots with plenty of pleasing guitar slides overlaid with lashings of noise. The short track gives way quickly to lead track ‘Dead Inside’, another quick one two punch with its manic countenance and static tendencies. ‘Housing Act 1980’ begins in a similar vein, with its added sample vocals draws parallel with some of the early Crazy World of Arthur Brown offerings, before descending into heavily punctuated chaos. ‘Oakmoll’ is an instantly more melodic and more accessible piece with its remote sounding vocals, more obvious guitar riffs and motorik drum beat.

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