8 Mar 2018

The Quietus interviews Anthrorpophh

Ahead of this weekend's appearance at Rocket Twenty, The Quietus have had a chat with Anthroprophh's Paul Allen about their new masterpiece, OMEGAVILLE:

Welcome To Omegaville: Paul Allen of Anthroprophh Interviewed 

Ahead of the Rocket 20 party this weekend, via the introduction of housing acts and accusations of sub-Hendrix wanks, Paul Allen anthroprophhesises our impending dystopia
 to JR Moores

You can tell a lot about a person from their favourite Black Sabbath album. Paranoid may be pretty unbeatable but, because of its hit-single title track, this tends to be the LP owned by those who have only ever purchased one Black Sabbath studio effort and it is thus, as a fave, treated with suspicion among connoisseurs. Opening with Tony Iommi's weed-induced coughing fit and introducing the guitarist's down-tuned technique for the inaugural time, Master Of Reality is the choice of many a herb-addled doomhead so stoned they don't even mind that it sounds like it was recorded in a cobweb-ridden outdoor privy. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath suggests you have a penchant for awkward synthesizer accompaniments including those deriving from the nimble fingers of Rick Wakeman. Anyone who selects a post-Ozzy album - and can articulately offer a plausible take on exactly why they would want to do such a thing - is worth hearing out.

Paul Allen first came to cult recognition as a member of the Bristol-based space-garage crew The Heads. Anthroprophh began as a solo project, then soon became a scorching power trio when Allen incorporated the talents of Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb (who also play noise rock in The Big Naturals). Allen's preferred Black Sabbath album is 1975's Sabotage. He is in good company. This is also the favourite of Luke Haines, J Mascis, Julian Cope and other maverick creative types...

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