31 Mar 2018

Northern Transmissions reviews MIEN

They say:

Through the endless bands pulling from the retro world of psychedelic rock, only a few embrace the aesthetic wholeheartedly. For their self-titled release, MIEN decidedly filter their unique and often rhythmic writing through a sound that covers every facet of vintage rock while offering something new to the genre. While this album is inherently pulling from handfuls of influences, there’s something nuanced in the direction they end up taking it.

There’s a lush and exotic psychedelic wash of sound throughout the record that colours tracks like “Earth Moon” as a wondrous dive into rhythm and vintage instrumentation. Where many tracks simply tackle the experimental guitars however, nail the flutes, sitar sounds and even more minuscule percussive sounds for an immersive aesthetic. “Black Habit” embraces the bass for a lo-fi and shadowy track that oozes with menacing energy. Though this track feels a lot more meditative and droning than others on the album, it manages to maintain its hold nonetheless.

As MIEN lets loose their rhythmic barrage on “(I’m Tired Of) Western Shouting” you can start to hear the Jefferson Airplane influence underneath its intoxicating grooves...

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