12 Mar 2018

Rocket Twenty – thank you


We are still processing what just happened, it was truly a very special weekend for us!!!
And we have many people to thank who helped make it all happen...

First of all we have to thank the bands.
Every single one of you played out of your skins and made us a very humbled label by your quality and passion. Many of you travelled a long way to be with us, a lot of you put a lot of effort and time into your preparation. All of you really do make us the proudest label there is!!

We have to thank Anthony at Baba Yaga and all the DHP team, it would not of happened without their drive and vision for the event. Also the fantastic Jen who made sure that over the weekend it all worked, and it did. You made all our lives very easy, so thanks Jen!

Huge thanks to the amazing Sam Wiehl for his unrivalled visuals skills and knowledge.
Again, without him...

Thank you to the IMPATV team and Al Overdrive for documenting the whole event,  your professionalism and enthusiasm is unsurpassed...we can't wait to relive it all again and share that with everyone.

Also, massive thanks to Matt Smart for his fantastic sculpture, it worked so, so well and it will be shared with everyone again!

Thanks to all the crew and staff of The Garage, you made it a stress free and extremely fun time, you always had huge smiles on your faces and looked like you enjoyed it as much as we did!! All the bands said what a pleasure you made it for them, which was so great to hear!

And finally, we have to thank all the people that came and spent the weekend with us.
You all said very complimentary things to us which was so great to hear. So thank you for your continued support as with you all this really would not of been possible, so thank you!!

Chris & John