30 Mar 2018

Echoes and Dust review Rocket Twenty

It says:

We knew this weekend was going to be fucking ridiculous but, seriously, it was absolutely fucking unreal. Each band was bringing their best and defying expectation. Each new signee delivered emphatically and the old favourites upon whom the label was built reached new pinnacles that at times were totally unfathomable to me. Dan (Salter), my brother Jake & I ventured out to Rocket 20 as the three most warped creatures in the Echoes & Dust team and somehow returned even weirder.

We arrived to a queue outside The Garage so long that I thought it was the smoking area at first. Anticipation built and we thought that we were missing Flowers Must Die but, we managed to catch their set in the end. When we first arrived I didn’t actually realise who was playing because the band had mutated their sound into a more Rocket-esque gloomy take on their more-well known twang.

After Flowers Must Die we took our first peak upstairs to watch AHRKR’s set; it turns out that unbeknownst to me, this was to be the first of five Gnod sets this weekend, with Alex Macarte flying solo for this one. AHrkh’s set was a kind of spiritualistic lopped voice, ambient electronica made even more sedate by burning incense...

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