6 Mar 2018

New Goat and White Hills/GNOD 'vinyl only' Record Store Releases announced

Record Store day returns in 2018 on 21 April and we have two extremely special releases lined-up:


Double Date is an independent British horror film that was released  to great applause in 2017. The film was written and stared Danny Morgan and was the debut movie directed by Benjamin Barfoot.  Ben was also responsible for creating the video of Teeth of The Sea’s Responder, plus several great shorts films including FIST which featured music from Rocket’s back catalogue.

Ben approached Goat in 2016 asking them if they would be interested in appearing in the film he was making as he had a club scene where he wanted to feature a band playing live. And when him and Danny were coming up with the idea for the movie they had Goat’s ‘World Music’ album on repeat and it was decided it was bands infectious tribal grooves that he wanted in the scene.

During filming of Goat’s scene Ben and the band bonded and he invited Goat to score the whole film, so their unique DNA would be running throughout the whole picture. The band liked the idea and decided to take the challenge on. And we at Rocket are very excited to be able to release the complete score Goat created for the film on a special ltd edition ‘pool of blood’ coloured vinyl 10” LP especially  for Record Store Day 2018.

The album contains all the original music Goat created to soundtrack the film plus the music they made for the trailer. The score also contains a different version of Goat’s live anthem ‘Run To Your Mama’ that was especially created for the film.

The film was released to great reviews and has gone on to win a couple of awards including the Fright Fest Rising Star Award for its writer/actor Danny Morgan. 



‘Aquarian Downer’ is a five track collaboration with New York’s purveyor of pummelling Post-Motorik Fuzz ‘White Hills’ and Manchester’s Psychedelic-Punk human anatomy assault ‘GNOD’. Initially released as a limited tour CDR in 2008, Rocket Recordings are delighted to announce that for Record Store Day 2018, it will be available for the first time on deep space’ blue swirl vinyl.

In 2007, GNOD booked WHITE HILLS to play at one of their ‘Attention All Shipping’ nights in Manchester. After the gig they spoke about doing a collaboration together.

As their inevitably synchronous desire to create music around the outer limits prevailed, the bands were drawn onto the same trajectory, their first meeting of minds.

Over the years the two bands have gone on to build a formidable reputation for releasing many outstanding records, including their second collaboration after Aquarian Downer; the stunning ‘GNOD Drop-out with White Hills II’ released on Rocket Recordings back in 2010.

Both bands’ music have consistently pushed at the boundaries of what psychedelic music is. Aquarian Downer is no exception, feasibly this is the point that they both crossed into the Event Horizon of their prismatic paths. An album submerged in minimally restrained serene chilling drones, tailed by the pulses of GNOD’s heads-down astral power, Dave W (White Hills) has masterfully conjured an album who’s boundary passes events that cannot ever be observed. 

More information about Record Store Day can be found here: RSD