22 Mar 2018

The Independent Voice review Saturday's Rocket TWENTY Birthday Gig


I headed to Islington’s The Garage for a full on day as the second date of Rocket Recordings’ 20th Birthday took place. Around 10 hours of a range of genres would be filling my ears courtesy of Gum Takes Tooth, Goat, Hey Colossus, Housewives, Gnoomes, Mamuthones and Temple ov BBV.

Temple ov BBV are a group formed of members from Gnod & Radar Men From The Moon, which explains why there were ten members on stage at The Garage. A huge soundscape of long form psych with the slow flowing numbers traversing the space and rattling the rib-cages of everyone in attendance.

A few crowd members were really into it, standing, eyes closed and absorbing the moment. I especially liked the penultimate number, the tantric beat continuing onward as a cacophony of noise and energy snuck up on me. 

Mamuthones were next up. The electro-indie style 4 piece from Italy performed a lot of upbeat numbers. They were a stark contrast to the previous band with some huge thumping bass from the drums, some great guitar work and various electronics from the two other members, including the vocalist who was surrounded by keys and buttons.......

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