2 Mar 2018

Dayz of Purple and Orange reviews Anthroprophh's Omevaville

It reads:

Sweet fuckin' Jesus!! ...and if I could, I would be sorely tempted to leave that just there. I'm pretty sure that Anthroprophh need no introduction round these parts but in case you have been living under a rock for the past few years they are a psychedelic triumvirate composing of Paul Allen - guitar, Gareth Turner - bass and Jesse Webb - drums. This is their third outing for Rocket Recordings as well as having released via Cardinal Fuzz, Creepy Crawl, Greasy Trucker and Zamzam. All of their previous releases have been beyond special and to say they are held in high esteem by the psych family is an understatement...but this...this is their best. It is (very) loud, (very) fuzzy and (very) fucking heavy. Being loud, fuzzy and heavy on their own is not a prerequisite of greatness; many bands are producing albums that are louder, fuzzier and heavier, but in OMEGAVILLE, Anthroprophh bring us something akin to a masterpiece of sardonic songwriting and acid-fried noise with a liberal sprinkling of socially aware punk attitude. 

Opening with the dystopian Stoogian blast of '2029', a hi-octane sub-2 minute explosion of hardcore guitar and crashing drums...not the opening I, for one, was expecting. This is followed in short order by 'Dead Inside' sounding like an English Misfits except harder and faster...oh, and fuzzier. Allen's guitar is on fire and that wah-wah is through the roof (but comfortingly familiar as we all pray at the altar of his former band The Heads right?). 'Housing Act 1980' has a real feel of the old agit-punk of Subhumans, Flux Of Pink Indians etc...

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