31 Mar 2018

Rocket Probes – March playlist

GNOD – Chapel Perilous
(Gnew album from the mighty GNOD, check out the 15 minute mammoth track 'Donovan's Daughter's' above)

Bonnacons of Doom – Bonnacons of Doom
(Killer debut album of heavy guitars and psyched out repetitions from this Liverpool collective...preorder now on Rocket)
Bonnacons of Doom

Lay Llamas – Silver Sun
(First track to be revealed from the forthcoming Lay Llamas album...a sax driven glam-kraut stomper)
Lay Llamas


(Wonky 90's electronica grooves from the very talented Gnoomes drummer)

Oneida – Romance
(The big O are back!!)

Hey Colossus – RRR
(Vinyl reissue of this great HC album)
Hey Colossus

Erkin Koray - Hor Görme Garibi 
(Turkish Fuzz)
Erkin Koray

Fancy Rosy - Punk Police
(Great bit of Euro Punk from '77...sounds a bit like a female fronted 'Chaudelande' Gnod)
Fancy Rosy 

Dead Moon – Fire in the western world
(Garage legends)
Dead Moon

Vox Populi! ‎– Magiques Creations
(Great album of 80's ambient, industrial, avant pop...the singer has guested on the new MIEN album)
Vox Populi!

The Final Age
(Tremendous solo album by Anthroprophh/Gnod drummer Jesse Web)
The Final Age

Rymdstyrelsen – Space is Cold
(Classic psych sounds from this Swedish band...on the great Danish label Kommune)

Jonny Greenwood – You Were Never Really Here
(Eclectic and immersive soundtrack)
Jonny Greenwood

Condor – Unstoppable Power
(one of the guitarists from Goat turned us onto this great album of Norwegian Black Thrash)

Chen Yi – Rug
(Real nice minimal groove with abrasive post punk vox)
Chen Yi 

David Terry – Sorrow
(Great droning 'We Will Fall'esque' goodness by David from Bong)
David Terry

Monumentals – Irregular Heads
(Interesting instrumental album of drones, rhythms and experiments, from the Cult of Dom Keller's) 

The Skull Defekts - A Message from The Skull Defekts
(Repetitive 'glitter beat' driven noise)
The Skull Defekts

3 Hürel - Sevenler Ağlarmiş
(More Turkish Fuzz!!!)
3 Hürel

Coil – Teenage Lightning 1
(Sounds like Can produced by Nurse With Wound in Latin America....nice animated video too)

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