30 Mar 2018

The Quietus makes Anthroprophh's OMEGAVILLE their Album of the week

Their review reads:

Anthroprophh’s new album on Rocket Recordings is a glorious raging missive on injustice, disorientation and our looming dystopia

We enter the world of Omegaville at breakneck speed. This massive, conceptual double album does not begin with any grand overture or introduction – Anthroprophh require no scene setting. Led by the titanic guitar force of Paul Allen, this fierce vision of pressurised dystopia begins with the gut-churning salvo of ‘2023’, a two-minute barrage of manic fuzz, like a hypercharged ‘Neat Neat Neat’. It duly blasts onwards through the monstrous ‘Dead Inside’ – similarly rabid and not much longer – then again, again and again through the spinning ‘Housing Act 1980’, then the rabid grit of ‘Oakmoll’. There is no pause, no time to gather your senses, just layer after layer of pummelling and freewheeling guitars – hectic squalls caterwauling over churning riffs, the momentum constantly searing upwards.

And then, one minute into ‘Sod’, just as this stampeding record seems to be careening out of control altogether, there’s a sudden, thudding stop, a silence that lasts only a second or two but one that jolts like whiplash. Until now the record’s been nothing but a bracing experience, for the most part thanks to Allen’s guitar; in this tiny pocket of calm you’re given a split-second to take stock of its power...

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