19 Mar 2018

Echoes And Dust Review Anthroprophh 'OMEGAVILLE'

Echoes And Dust review Anthroprophh 'OMEGAVILLE' album:

"Showcasing this pastiche of British life and culture in such a ferocious yet entertaining way".

It Reads:

It’s time to take a trip, one of many trips that Rocket Recordings have offered over the years, to the insanely twisted-psychedelic-rock-out land of Omegaville, the latest album by Anthroprophh. What’s to be found here? Only a manic rush of an experience that throws us through an almost satirical universe representative of our own, where the familiar elements of England feels warped and mutated into something wonderfully indulgent, whilst simultaneously feeling like a cosmic journey into worlds new and unknown, where nothing is predictable, where all rules are thrown out the windows into the streets of Omegaville, and where everyone of a certain disposition is sure to have a truly wonderful time....

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