7 Mar 2018

Bloody Reviews gives Mamuthones 10/10

It reads:

Oh god this is heavy mental for the people.
Ah like the drums and bas synths. Creepy vocals.  Love the CD cover. Brilliant pink lady with her lips all over the head or something. The cover was solely why I choose to listen to it. I’m not disappointed at all. It reminds me of some tracks I used to listen to around 2000. Yes, it’s Clinic they were called. But Mamuthones are more what I wanted Clinic should sound like I think. Eh! You can’t think like that I guess. Nice shit anyhow.
The guitars sound a bit as I would have played them myself if I could hav managed to do it.

There’s something that also reminds a bit of the old canadian band Trans AM. I loved Trans AM. Listen to this. This albums requires a few listens. There’s also some Talking Heads of course. .. nice!  10/10

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