13 Mar 2018

NEOLYD give praise to MIEN

They say (roughly translated):

And who is to blame again? Anton Newcombe. A concert by the band The Brian Jonestown Massacre in Austin, Texas, apparently laid the foundation for one of the year's most exciting supergroup projects. On this gig, the two musicians Alex Maas and Rishi Dhir met for the first time and made plans. That this already happened in 2004 does not have to be surprising. After all, Newcombe has long been the godfather of the new wave of neo-psychedelic rock'n'roll, which has been steadily swelling for more than a decade. It also makes sense that the vague plans for their first meeting did not seem to work for a long time, considering what the Texan Maas and the Canadian Dhir usually did: they established the Black Angels and Elephant Stone as the front men in the indie Underground.

Finally, it took two Englishmen, until it could become what today is called Mien and only bursting with exciting and most plausible musical cross-references: the producers and electro-tinkerer John-Mark Lapham of The Early and The Horrors bassist Tom Furse , Together, the quartet now publishes a self-titled debut under the umbrella of the Goat label Rocket Recordings on 6 April....

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