6 Mar 2018

The Quietus interviews Mamuthones

It reads:

Alessio Gastaldello, the mastermind behind Italian band Mamuthones, speaks to Joseph Mumford about their change in direction and the theme of their new album

To Mamuthones’ chief-in-command, Alessio Gastaldello, the world is a frightening place. The Italian dance-punks’ latest album, Fear On The Corner, released recently on Rocket Recordings, is a chaotic funhouse display of deranged rhythms, whacked out synthesisers and impassioned vocals that invoke James Murphy on a pretty intense ayahuasca trip.

It is also an ode to fear in all of its forms; as Gastaldello puts it, the record is about “fear of the present, of human situations, fear of the new political situation, fear of political decisions being taken from other people’s fear, but also fear of relationship breakdown, fear of being alone or fear of being together with the wrong people, fear of not finding a place in the world, personal fear and obsession... fear of fear itself.”...

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