14 Mar 2018

DLSO review Mamuthones' Fear on the Corner

They (roughly translated) say:

Mamuthones are a source of pride for Italian music. Inspired by the name of a typical mask of the Sardinian carnival of Mamoiada, the project by Alessio Gastaldello (founder and ex-drummer of Jennifer Gentle) is one of the most precious gems of local psychedelia, able to range between different genres and create unique sound patchwork and with a strong personality. It is no coincidence that Mamuthones' latest album, Fear On The Corner, has just been released for the English label Rocket Recordings, in whose incredible catalog include Goats or, to stay in Italy, Julie's Haircut.

A beautiful record already mentioned in the title as references - attitudinal rather than musical - Fear Of Music by Tales Heads and On The Corner by Miles Davis. So we asked Alessio to tell him a song by song...

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