26 Apr 2018

White Lodge reviews Rocket Twenty Weekender

It reads (roughly translated):

Great psychedelic mass: The 20 years of the Rocket Recordings label at the Garage!
To celebrate its 20th birthday, the English label Rocket Recordings organized on March 9th, 10th and 11th three nights of concerts bringing together the bands of the label for a great psychedelic mass.

Friday, March 9
The Flowers Must Die formation returned the honor of opening hostilities, with a space rock with oriental influences. The pieces unfold like mantras and take us directly into another dimension. 

We then climb to the bar area at the top of the room to witness Ahrkh's sound experiments . Leaning on his machines, the member of the GNOD collective gives us a more experimental set. His mastery of overtone singing on ambient music completes us into other spheres.

Julie's Haircut takes over on stage. Although the music is quality we are slightly less carried away. The fault with technical problems that seem to frustrate the group, and we also at the same time...

See the full piece here: White Lodge