12 Apr 2018

Razzputin Crew reviews Mamuthones Fear on the Corner

It reads:

"Fear On The Corner" is a beautiful alien album.

How could the Martians play it after having injected into the vein the best of contemporary oblique music: from Talking Heads (Fear Of Music) to Miles Davis (On The Corner), from Joy Division with Martin Hannett to Fela Kuti and William Onyeabor, finally skidding on the globalist, suffered, and perfectible rhythms of cult labels such as ZE Records and ON-U Sound.

Just the tactical addition of a lot of motorik, sucked by the sancta sanctorum Kraut Rock (the sacred triad Can / Ash Ra Tempel / Neu! To understand each other better), to detonate in an apocalyptic crescendo that named "Here We Are "and that, coincidentally, is also the precise closure of a square work from the first second to the last.

This is how the band of Alessio Gastaldello, principal sculptor of the Italian Occult Psychedelia with the Jennifer Gentle, chisels with class and charisma the prestigious debut for Rocket Recordings. Initially showing intolerance towards certain orthodox boundaries of the concept "Music" that are slowly subjugated by the perfect orchestration of all the available sonic heritage...

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