5 Apr 2018

Sentireascoltare reviews Anthrorophh's OMEGAVILLE

It says:

In a hypothetical ranking of the "strange family" the Anthroprophh of the former The Heads, Paul Allen, accompanied by the bass by Gareth Turner and the drums of Jesse Webb, would certainly deserve a place of honor. This Omegaville , album roughly the same number five and third for Rocket, is in fact a concentrate in double vinyl of hard-psychedelia so aggressive and garage as dilated, fuzzy and delirious.

Nothing too new on the landscape, one could argue, if not that this album was thought, at least for the internal structure, along the lines of Tago Mago dei Can , the monolith album of the German krauta training: that is, the most immediate pieces in the first part and those more hallucinatory and free in the second, in a Wagnerian crescendo of deprivation of reason and abandonment to the psycho-paranoid obsession that could stage the souls of the trio. And the beauty is that the result is reached in full, because of them the Anthroprophh put a volume and a "graciousness" (the initial double 2029 / Dead Inside is pure proto-punk Stoogesiano, that Oakmoll / Sod is instead kraut-space to the way of Chrome and Hawkwind) that finds equal only in similar rejects like, say, Comets On Fire ; that is, the ability to use an unworthy amount of noise in which to drown the starting structures, there (ehm) "blues", here garage-psych-rock, and in addition they put a visionary power that in the second part takes time different forms. For example the wild sabbatical tribalism of Human Beast...

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