23 Apr 2018

Echoes and Dust review MIEN

It reads:

One of the latest arrivals to Rocket’s new breed is the psych ‘supergroup’ MIEN comprising members from bands such as The Black Angels and The Horrors, from its lineage alone, I knew this would be a record with a lot of promise.

‘Earth Moon’ opens the album with a nostalgic revival of classic sixties psychedelia; spangled, starry-eyed sounds and almost Syd Barrett-esque lyricisms ooze lysergic bliss and a kickback calm akin to a sunny afternoon. ‘Black Habit’ and ‘(I’m Tired of) Western Shouting’ join the album effortlessly. I feel like this is almost by the numbers psych but, it’s done so well, that realistically, it’d be a lot more accurate to describe it as exemplary psych music. I find it interesting that after so long of releasing bands that sound like they’re from some narcotically tolerable dystopia exploring the future of psych, Rocket now have band that feels like they’ve been gestating in a bunker for decades until the world was ready for their spooky take on a vintage psychedelic atmosphere. Their music feels like a warped reworking of Roger Corman’s The Trip or Easy Rider...

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