6 Apr 2018

Concert and Co reviews MIEN

It says:

Unknown to the battalion until then, the MIEN group released a mysterious and very thrilling untitled first album in April 2018. Behind this enigmatic name (and in capital letters) are in fact hiding very respectable people all having the distinction of having already passed multiple times under the radars with recognized projects: Alex Maas, the leader of the Black Angels (which takes care of voices, samples and loops), Tom Furse of The Horrors (which provides keyboards and programming), Rishi Dhir of Elephant Stone (who plays bass, sitar and keyboards) and John-Mark Lapham of The Earlies (who deals with keyboards, samples and programming). Friends of long date, the four protagonists of this brilliant psychedelic company have worked on the development of this disc by exchanging audio files via internet, for a result likely to appeal to fans of the Black Angels, the voice inhabited and versatile Mister Maas being at the center of the thing, while having a very good chance to titillate the excitement of kraut rock lovers, experimental electro ambient, and other hacks perfect to twist the brains more or less burnt listeners. 

By using a lot of stellar synths, often adorned with sitar parts no less aerial and badly haunting bass, the pieces of MIEN really have all the qualities to be listened to with your eyes closed, your head in the stars, making slow gestures of the type yoga at large outdoor gatherings (or not) to open the doors of perception. Alex Mass's group, Tom Furse, Rishi Dhir and John-Mark Lapham will give his very first concert in the first part of Slowdive during the famous festival Levitation in Austin at the end of April 2018, with a line up enhanced by the presence of awesome Swans percussionist, Thor Harris ... On stage on this occasion, as on the disc in question here, titles like the unstoppable and often infernal "Earth Moon", "Black Habit" (the first single of the group delivered with its strange, well-chelou, macabre celebration), "(I'm Tired of) Western Shouting", "Hocus Pocus" (very drugged) or "Other" (planing ode with modular synths in line with "Shine On" You Crazy Diamond "by Pink Floyd) have something to impress with kraut voodoo ceremonies organizers.

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