30 Apr 2018

Rocket Probes – April playlist

Lay Llamas – Holy Worms (Radio Edit)

(Second single to be released from their forthcoming album Thuban...great slice of psyched out tribal pop – the digital B side features an amazing remix of Lay Llamas 'Silver Sun' by Gnod's Negra Branca)

Bonnacons of Doom – Argenta (Edit)

(Edit of the second track revealed from Bonnacons of Doom's forthcoming amazing debut album)
Bonnacons of Doom

MIEN – Odessey
(Great new single with an equally great video)

Goat – Let it Burn

(Fuzz, Wah, tribal groove, flutes, strings....best track they have ever made?)

Flowers Must Die – Där Blommor Dör

(Amazing self released double LP of new/old jams from Flowers...a must listen and buy!)
Flowers Must Die

International Harvester – Remains
(5 LP box set by Swedish greats)
International Harvester

Danielle Dax – Bed Caves
(This track has it all!!!...taken from her stunning debut album from '83)
Danielle Dax

Paisiel – Paisiel 
(Strong release of repetitive jazz grooves from the ever reliable Lovers and Lollipops)

AJA - Tuck It, Tape It
(Love this track from AJA's forthcoming release on Opal Tapes)

Stereocilia – Hive Mind
(Nice album of guitar n' synth atmospheres from our good friend John Scott)

Okay Temiz & Johnny Dyani - Witchdoctor's Son - Play For Me
(Stomping grooved jazz)
Okay Temiz & Johnny Dyani

Moths and Locusts – Acid Cloud Part 2
(Bit of an early Gnod vibe to this track...on Cardinal Fuzz)
Moths and Locusts 

808 State – Flow Coma

(Classic UK acid)
808 State

Death Pedals – USD

(GNOD'ish vibe to this track from their great scuzzy, repeato rock album on Hominid Sounds)
Death Pedals

Super Djata Band ‎– Vol. 2

(Great afro grooves)
Super Djata Band De Bamako

Vanishing Twin - Magic & Machines
(Great ethereal improv sounds from Vanishing Twin...tape release on Blank Editions)
Vanishing Twin 

Notorische Reflexe - The Wisp

(Repetitive electronic post punk grooves from '85)
Notorische Reflexe

Lonker See - One Eye Sees Red
(New album of experimental 'jazz-rock' on Instant Classic...)
Lonker See

Vårt Solsystem ‎– Världsliga Bekymmer
(Monster Swedish psych collective on Kommun 2)
Vårt Solsystem 

Shock Treatment - The Mugger/Nuclear Warfare

(Killer slice of NWOBHM)
Shock Treatment
Taken from this rather special youtube playlist

OGOD – The Dark Arts

(Great blown out scuzz from LA)

Beatrice Dillon - Can I Change My Mind?
(Gum takes Tooth turned us on to this great piece of electronica)
Beatrice Dillon

Alice Cooper – Reflected

(The Cooper band in 'freakbeat' mode)
Alice Cooper 

Bruxa Maria / Casual Nun – Split

(The two great London bands show what they are made of!)
Bruxa Maria / Casual Nun

Trembling Bells – Dungeness
(A few great tracks of real nice fuzzy, proggy folk on this album)
Trembling Bells

Narcosatanicos – Vile
(Heavy psych rock jazz from Denmark anyone?

Acidliner - Llandyfaelog Young Farmers Annual Show
(35 minutes of  lush, warm electronics and the transportive heavy riddims from the Hey Colossus sticks man)

Ben Vince – Tower of cells
(Real nice 10 minute track of experimental jazz repetitions from Housewives members latest album)
Ben Vince

The Heads – RKT
(3 x LP comp that collects and expands the 'Sessions' releases that Rocket put out)
The Heads

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