25 Apr 2018

Listen to Negra Branca's remix of Lay Llamas track 'Silver Sun'

Negra Branca, which is Marlene Ribeiro from GNOD's solo project has created her first ever remix and it is for the track Silver Sun by Lay Llamas', listen above.

The track is available as the bside for the digital single 'Holy Worm'.

You can also stream both tracks on Spotify & Apple Music  

or buy it digitally from here: Bandcamp

Nicola from Lay Llamas said this about the remix:

"As Lay Llamas in 2014 I was lucky enough to shared the stage with the magnific GNOD a couple of time. And if you know GNOD a bit you can understand of what powerful and intense show I'm talking about. Well, that was the first time I saw Marlene on stage playing her blue/white coloured Fender Jazz Bass. So a couple of years later I recognize this mesmerizing sound stuff called NEGRA BRANCA. It's Marlene's solo project. I was so surprised by the different sonic and perfoming mood compared to the GNOD one. Here layering of female voice melodies on dubby rhythmic pattern mixed with foggy synth sounds, samples and other wierd stuff. It reminds me so much some stuff from first Lay Llamas debut tape. That same 'space jungle mantra' atmosphere but leaded by a female magic singing. Also for this reason I asked to Marlene to sort out a remix work for 'Silver Sun' track. She said me that is her first remix work ever! The result she sent me a couple of weeks later my request it was really amazing. She accelerated that 'space jungle' to land it on a 'space highways'...at lightspeed. And that hypnotic female vocal melodies are still there: GREEN SUN, RED SUN. Again and again. To the end of the time.”  
Nicola Giunta/Lay Llamas