23 Apr 2018

Soundblab gives GNOD's Chapel Perilous a 9/10 review

It says:

I've never experienced real psychological internment, real torment that cannot be controlled simply by shaking yourself free of a nightmare. Gnod's latest Chapel Perilous is music that prosecutes mind, body and soul, and banishes all thoughts of a utopian existence. There is no reversion of the soul from darkness to light. At times throughout the body of this opus, I felt physically sick, and I'm not referring to ugliness of sound, but a horrible disquiet which found its gestation in the mid three tracks. Music that imprisoned me, like some abomination I conjured in my darkest moments, when even my sharpest instincts for survival were found wanting.

The book-ended tracks on Chapel Perilous share some of the same malevolence, but by unique perversion, the unmistakably hedonistic metal riffs released as their zenith are very much of this physical world, and not the world occupied by 'A Body' for instance. That is, insular, diabolical, the sound of being permanently alone.

I was going to struggle for words to describe Chapel Perilous, so I decided to allow myself a stream of consciousness. I'm speaking from the position of incapacity to describe the music. All I can describe is how it made me feel. What I can say, what I'm able to say, is that there is music here to contemplate for quite some time. What parts of Chapel Perilous I found particularly awesome, the extraordinary riffs on “Donovan's Daughters” and the humorously titled “Uncle Frank Says Turn It Down”, are telegraphed really generously, like 'relief is coming lads, just hold in there' ...

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