14 Apr 2018

Turn up the volume say some words about MIEN

They say:

Last week this thrilling quartet released one of the best albums of the year (so far). Their self-titled debut LP is a multi-layered tour de force. Contrary to countless other side-projects these four most compelling musicians definitely didn’t come together just to kill some time while their respectively bands took a pause. Oh no, not all, the final result of their magical collaboration is nothing less than amazing. Here is a splendiferous record full of mind-stimulating explorations, richly orchestrated compositions, transcendent soundscapes and rapturous arrangements overall. A sonic work that needs several plays in order to discover the detailed grandeur of it. After daily spins over the past seven days, I now fully feel and experience Mien‘s psychedelic depth and magnitude. It shows clearly that his group should go on…

EARTH MOON: spiritual illumination
BLACK HABIT: haunting electronica
YOU DREAMT: experimental escapade
OTHER: cinematic gloominess
ROPES: neurotic disorder
ECHOLALIA: freaky mindfucker
ODESSEY: astonishing groove
EARTH MOON (reprise): cinematic finale

See the piece here: TUTV