28 Apr 2018

Dome Media say some words on Goat's Let it Burn

They say:

Goat - Let It Burn
Goat is a mysterious experimental psychedelic rock band from a small village in northern Sweden, who often appear masked and brandishing knives and sticks. Which, I suppose, gives you a fairly oblique idea of what their music sounds like.

Their latest release, Let it Burn, channels the occultism that they harness in their imagery, with a motorik fuzz merging with chanted lyrics to create a hypnotic energy. The track builds to a frenzied crescendo, an apex of visceral power, much like the tribal music it apes, before collapsing into a gently strummed ending that allows us to catch our breath.

A pulsating record, Goat take us on our microcosmic tour of psychedelia, encompassing multiple guitar solos and a helpful dashing of flute in a song that clocks in at just over six minutes. I doubt you’ll be hearing it on daytime radio any time soon, that’s for sure, which is quite possibly the ultimate compliment I can give.

They play Citadel Festival in London on July 15th.

See the piece here: Dome Media