18 Apr 2018

Gig Wise say some words on Goat's Let it Burn

They say:

‘Let It Burn’ was commissioned as part of a short film by The Guardian

Enigmatic Swedish psych outfit Goat have returned with a new track and accompanying video, Let It Burn.

The track was commissioned by The Guardian as part of a documentary film released last December entitled Killing Gävle, directed by Joe Fletcher. That film follows the story of the ‘Gävle Goat’ in Sweden, a giant straw animal constructed in the Swedish town of the same name. Almost every year, the goat is burnt to the ground by local pagans, despite the best efforts of other townsfolk to protect it.

The track was used in part for that film, but now thanks to Rocket Recordings we can hear the composition in full. A sprawling, fuzzed-out track, it sees the band return to the darker, driving aesthetics of their earliest work.

It sees a physical release on Rocket on 25 August, with ‘lucky dip’ 7” vinyl in either red, orange or yellow each limited to 400 copies, to be made available in record shops worldwide.

It comes backed with a four minute excerpt from a huge, cosmic-jazz studio jam, entitled Friday Pt. 1. The tracks are the band’s studio material since 2016’s well-received album Requiem, which saw the band venture into jazzier and folkier musical climes.

See the piece here: Gig Wise