30 Apr 2018

Backseat Mafia reviews Hey Colossus and GNOD at Wrong Festival

They say:

Salfordians Gnod are one of the most vicious, yet musically deep bands the world currently has to offer, unashamed to let their political views show whilst putting out fantastic music. Their latest LP Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine earnt them an entire new entourage as they explored new territory in a familiar way. We are treated to ‘Bodies For Money’ and ‘People’ from the aforementioned album and a new track which is so visceral it makes you wonder how they do it. The entire set is performed with such conviction that its exhausting just watching them. From start to finish it is mesmerising and there isn’t a still body in the room. The only criticism, which certainly is not of them, is that the sound does not penetrate past the first few rows of onlookers, so the wall of sound hitting your face that comes as standard with a Gnod performance is sadly missing.

Hey Colossus
Literally running from IWF to NST for the very good reason that Hey Colossus have already started their set. Having only missed a couple of tracks, taking a place on the balcony to witness them pile through tracks from In Black and Gold, the 2015 LP which has become infamous. Having some 11 albums to choose tracks from, they utilise their six bodies to create captivating motorik beats, inviting bass riffs and the three guitars create a heady mixture that takes hold from the off. The set is received well by the packed venue and they leave the stage smiling, surely in the knowledge that they know they’ve nailed it tonight.

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