4 Apr 2018

Psych Insight puts Anthroprophh and GNOD in its quarterly round-up

It says:

Anthroprophh – OMEGAVILLE
For me this double album is an absolute triumph not only because of the radically different points at either end of the set… but because of the journey it takes you on in between… every track has a different atmosphere to it and is excecuted with a real authenticity. For better or ill it feels like you are being taken through Allen’s mind, a journey that has massive ups and cavernous downs… a trip that you might not want to take lightly… but one that you most definitely want to take. It may be a masterpiece, only time will tell if that is the case.

GNOD – Chapel Perilous
This is not an exploration of mindfulness, neither is it one of mindlessness. Rather it takes you into a nihilistic realm and rather brutally leaves you there… kicking the props of reality from under you… forcing you to confront your own truth… your own reality… enter at your peril!

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